Monday, 9 July 2012

Raspberry PI Home Server

Title says it all.  I've been waiting for a piece of hardware like this for a while now.  Saves me having to leave my PC running 24/7 and only uses a fraction of the power.
OK, I thought I'd do this blog in reverse and show you some of the graphs that I'm generating, then take comments and breakdown the bits that interest the most people.
At the moment I have the following stats being captured and graph'd


PI - Memory

I have others,
PI - Disk Usage, Network
NAS - CPU, Memory, Disk Usage, Network
but you get the general gist of things here.

Gas Usage:
Cost (Last 7 days - overlay) comparison

Cost (Last 7 days - daily) comparison

Electricity Usage:
Cost (Last 7 days - overlay) comparison

Real Time Power Usage, 1 Hour Period

Local External Temperature

Internal Temperatures

Sky (Broadband) ADSL Download Speed

I'll endeavour to detail each of the above stats and how I'm managing to collect and graph them in the coming days.  Hope this has whet your appetite for what these fantastic this PI's can do.

TODO's list in mounting up:

- House Alarm integration for motion, set/unset, alarm to SMS etc.
- Automated garage door via integration with current keyfob
- Temperature measurement improvements (1-wire DS18S20 limited to approx 4-5 in STAR network)
- X10 Control (hopefully via heyu and a CM12U unit)
- Door Bell integration with CCTV and TV or house audio